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Launching my own law firm provided the opportunity for me to ponder a new website.  Gone are the bells and whistles of a “canned” website used by many law firms to generate traffic.  I figure if someone wants to find me, they just need a place to land on the world wide web.  This website is simply a bridge between you and me.  To that end, and in case anyone is interested in my pensées, I decided to indulge my ego by posting to my veritable blog:  Insights.  Most of these insights relate to the opioid litigation while others dive down rabbit holes of interest to a narrow group of legal nerds.  Enjoy!

Paul Farrell, Jr.
Paul Farrell, Jr.

Paul Farrell, Jr., is Co-Lead of MDL 2804, National Prescription Opiate Litigation, and represents 700+ communities across the United States in the largest and most complex case in history.

Mr. Farrell is widely considered one of the premier trial lawyers in West Virginia with experience prosecuting medical malpractice cases, birth trauma cases, and negligent credentialing cases.