Picture: Paul Farrell, Jr. and Capitol Building

WV Public Broadcasting: Huntington Lawyer for President?

This article was originally published in WV Public Broadcasting.

Huntington Lawyer Paul Farrell recently decided to get on the ballot for president in the state. What might have begun as a joke for Farrell is no longer a laughing matter.

Paul Farrell Jr. is a medical malpractice lawyer in Huntington. He’s never been involved in politics before and never thought he would be. But he said he worries more and more about the state he’s from and calls home, West Virginia. On Sunday mornings Farrell along with his two brothers have breakfast at his father’s house. 

‘We play around with the New York Times crossword and we talk and we were talking about politics and it was my mother who said she could bring herself to vote for Hillary, she’s probably as accurate of the West Virginia sentiment as anyone I’ve known and when she said she couldn’t vote for Hillary, my brother Sean said hey why don’t you run,” Farrell said.

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